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Strategy development
We will - in collaboration with you - work on alternatives that should be converted to a new business plan reflecting a bottom line analysis. After considering all aspects of your business, we focus on the feasible strategic options. We will walk with you through the detailed analysis of the industry and the market environment, and the capabilities of your own organization. If justified, elements of game theory will be applied to validate your line of attack or defense strategy to be built into a business plan.
Creation and improvement of motivation systems
The interest of the owners and the managers of the company differ from each other. This may easily remain hidden, as occasionally managers are unaware that they do not primarily safeguard the interest of the owners.
A well designed motivation system offers an efficient solution for this problem. Through establishing a direct connection between managerial compensation and the owners’ goals, the parties’ interests can be aligned.
During the development of the motivation system our consultants formalize highly motivating, measurable indices best suiting the strategy of the company.
Strategic organization development
Companies outgrow their organizational frameworks after a few years of expansion. The previous organizational structure becomes obsolete and inadequate to serve the strategy of the company. The best solution for this problem is strategic organization development. During such a project we provide you with feasible options for the new organizational structure after having analyzed the present flaws. Out of these options we help you choose the most suitable and applicable one. Following this, we determine the updated human resource requirements of the organization and define the main tasks as well as the scope of authority of the positions.
Management audit
At CCG we believe that the ultimate strategic resource is the management. So the aim of the owners, shareholders and investors should be to maximize management potential. Exploiting our objective point of view, through our unique methodology built on interviews and evaluations, we verify whether your management is the asset you want them to be, and guide you to superior managerial frameworks.
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