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Business Process Reengineering – BPR
During the BPR project CCG consultants will rethink the business processes from the bottom, taking into account the needs of all internal or external clients. We bring fundamental changes to the company with the process based approach, serving the goal of satisfying consumer needs on the highest level.

Business Process Reengineering includes the elimination of parallel processes, the minimization of downtime, filtering the sub steps adding only minimal value to the company operation. As a result, lead time and operating costs will be optimized.

Cost cutting and efficiency improvement
Company leaders know that their employees see and know exactly where the potential for bottom line improvement lies. Why couldn’t this be exploited? It might be because inter-company disagreement, power struggle, or even alliances can prevent a unified approach to correct the underlying processes that hinder performance.

CCG consultants will help you structure and deeply understand your problems. In most cases we perform a quick cost driver analysis on the basis of which we shall proceed to a detailed activity analysis if justified. At project closing you would have a clear and concise Cost Reduction Potential Map (CRPM) containing the data, schedule and personnel assignment.

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