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Strategy planning
After gaining a deep understanding of your company and your organization’s strategic goals, we lay down the foundation of a communications strategy supporting these goals. We build your communications strategy, which will serve as the basis of any following PR action.
Case-by-case or long-term consulting
If you feel that your organization’s communication is not effective, and would like to change this, we explore the reasons hindering the communication process. Based on your needs we provide our help for a short or an extended period of time until the targeted communication goal is achieved.
Communication/media trainings
We help prepare the leaders of your organization to speak publicly; we offer help to deliver your messages to all stakeholders effectively.
Planning and execution of communication campaigns
Based on your strategic communication goals we design when and what to communicate, we help with the creative and practical implementation of your plans.
Press Relations
We create and publish texts, news articles and press releases for you. We organize press conferences, offer press reviews, and manage key press relations.
Crisis communication
We create your crisis communication plan based on the most likely crisis scenarios in order to effectively protect your company or organization from public challenges to its reputation, and help you appear in the most favorable light in the public eye. In case of a crisis we are available around the clock, and offer you expert advice.
Communication analyses; creative writing
We prepare and present the professional analysis of your company’s or a competitor’s media appearance and communications. We write speeches, news articles, press releases according to your needs.
Online communication
We create content for and manage your online platforms with a view to the needs of your target audience, and the characteristics of the platform.
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